Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Easiest Way to Shop for Groceries

Ok, I admit it.  I'm a coupon fanatic.  I love to use coupons for groceries, beauty products, restaurants, etc.  The problem is, sometimes there's just not enough time to make a grocery list, compare it to the sales at our various grocers and match up my coupons!  It's time consuming, but saves SO MUCH MONEY! 

So how's a Modern Homemaker to save money and time on those weeks that there's not enough of either??  MAKE A LIST.  ...and buy ONLY what's on that list. 

Sounds simple, right?  It is!  ...But there's a twist!  Here's the way it works:

1.  Make a list of the meals you want to make for the week (or two weeks - what ever your schedule or budget allows)
2.  Find (or write) the recipes for each meal
3.  Based on the recipes, make a list of the items needed for each recipe (even the ones you already have on hand).  Separate this list into sections, like your grocery store is separated; produce, meats, cold meats/cheeses, dairy, etc.

I can hear you say, "So far, this isn't anything new, MH!"  Stay with me!  This is where the genius part comes in!

4.  SAVE THIS LIST!  Staple it together (list and recipes).  Laminate all the pages, punch holes in the sides and tie it together with pretty ribbon.  Make a cover sheet.  What ever makes sense to you--just SAVE IT!

Pretty genius.

Now, the next time you don't have enough time to plan a whole week's worth of meals and shopping list for those meals, you can grab this list.  Running late and need someone to start dinner for you?  No problem.  The recipes are all written out!

The next time you have LOTS of time (stop laughing), you can make another one or two of these lists to have on hand.

I have been doing this for a couple of years now and I have amassed about a dozen of these Easy Lists.  When I share this idea with my friends, they usually ask to see one of them so I'll share one of my favorites with you.

Click here:

Some of my favorite websites will make a grocery list for you, based on the recipes you select.  Here's a few to try:

To access this list function, you'll have to register on these sites.  Believe me, it's totally worth it!  I get emails from these sites with new, delicious recipes each week.

Do you have a way to save time and money at the grocery store?  Share it below! 


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